Jeffrey A. Kottler, Ph.D.
Workshop presenter


Jeffrey talks about his journey reconciling apparent differences between various theoretical orientations to counseling and psychotherapy and distilling them into an integrative model that engages clients and combines certain core ingredients. This is excepted from a video series from a number of years ago on "Psychotherapy with the Experts".

Interview with Jeffrey about what it means to be an integrative therapist

Social Justice in Action:
Service Projects in Nepal, Ghana, India, and the Amazon

These videos presents and overview of the Empower Nepali Girls Foundation and our work to provide support, mentoring, and scholarships to at-risk girls who live in remote regions, especially those who would otherwise be unable to attend school.

Empower Nepali Girls provides scholarships for children at greatest risk to be sold into sex slavery. These are the faces of some of the girls we support.

Social Activism Around the World
This video, and the two others that follow, demonstrate some of the service projects that Jeffrey leads with students and colleagues in different regions of the world.

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