Jeffrey A. Kottler, Ph.D.
Workshop presenter

Presentations & Speaking

Jeffrey A. Kottler is an internationally renown presenter who appears in national media and as a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator. His books have been translated into more than two dozen languages. He has worked as a lecturer and workshop leader in dozens of countries and throughout North America.

There are no “stock” speeches, workshops, or seminars. Each presentation is customized for the audience and setting.

Universal features include:
1) inspirational and motivational messages
2) humorous and memorable stories
3) experiential activities that promote interaction

Some of the most popular topics are mentioned below:

    Power of Storytelling in Therapy, the Classroom, and Everyday Life

    Therapy Over 50: Aging Therapists and Aging Clients

    Relationships in Therapy and the Therapist’s Life

    Advocacy and Social Justice: Beyond Talk into Constructive Action

   What Really Makes a Difference? Client Perspectives on Change

   Self-Care and Nourishment for Helping Professionals

   Making Changes Last

   Becoming a Master Therapist

   Leadership at Work and Everyday Life

   Creative Breakthroughs in Therapy

   Transformative Travel

   The Meaning of Truth and Lies in Therapy--and in Life

   Reciprocal Changes in Helping Relationships

    Bad Therapy: Learning from Our Mistakes and Failures

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